Food Memories

“I’ll never forget our very first Thanksgiving turkey after we were married,” Mom said through tears of hysterical laughter. “The turkey was beautiful and ready to come out of the oven, but somehow when we lifted it up, it fell off the pan and bounced. There was a loud THUNK as it bounced off theContinue reading “Food Memories”

Dig Me Up a Piece of that Kit Cat Scat

It was a very cold, rainy, dreary Saturday morning, the kind of day when I’m glad I only have to go outside the couple minutes it takes for me to do my business in the grass. When Mom brings me back in and I shake the water off myself and wag my tail, I alreadyContinue reading “Dig Me Up a Piece of that Kit Cat Scat”

Happy Labor Day Working Dogs!

Hello readers, it’s Gilbert here. Mom just realized that while she has talked a lot about me in her entries this summer, she forgot to give me the chance to speak for myself. “What better day is there than Labor Day to let the working dog speak for himself!” she told me. I agree! ButContinue reading “Happy Labor Day Working Dogs!”

“I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It”

Well readers, it’s that time again! It is time for another Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, which you can participate in if you would like by going to      The theme this time is “reactions”. I know that writing about the public’s reaction when they see a service dog was discouraged, and understandably so sinceContinue reading ““I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It””

Old Dogs Thinking about Learning New Tricks

Here’s a question for you readers. What do you get when you combine an adorable dog, a college student who is already tired of school and needs an exciting project outside of school to make life interesting, two inspiring blog posts and late night inspiration? You get crazy ideas!      Alright, perhaps I should startContinue reading “Old Dogs Thinking about Learning New Tricks”

A Dear John Letter to my Wisdom Teeth

Dearest Wisdom Teeth:      I know you will never read this. But even so, I hope you know that I have always loved and treasured you. You were literally a part of me after all. For twenty years, you knew that you belonged to me, and were eagerly awaiting the day when you would hatchContinue reading “A Dear John Letter to my Wisdom Teeth”

Another Merry Christmas

Hello readers. I hope you all enjoyed, or if you are still on vacation, I hope you are still enjoying this holiday season. I sure am! (College semesters may be demanding, but since my vacation started December 14 and I don’t have to go back until January 18, I cannot complain)! Anyway, the day afterContinue reading “Another Merry Christmas”

An Address from the Queen

Hello readers. This is Snickers, the adorable feisty cat that Allison hardly ever mentions in this journal. I know this is probably because a large segment of you humans think dogs lead more interesting lives than cats, so she wants to cater to the largest audience possible. But since she and Gilbert have had moreContinue reading “An Address from the Queen”

Beware the Eve of Palm Sunday

Well readers, fear not! This journal hasn’t gone to the dogs permanently! But I hope you all enjoyed the entry Gilbert wrote. He has sure got opinions and an adorable personality hasn’t he? (smile) As Gilbert mentioned, I let him write his own entry to make amends because I felt guilty that my entries latelyContinue reading “Beware the Eve of Palm Sunday”