Bittersweet Updates

Before I get to the main purpose of this post, I wanted to start with a little public service announcement. I was listening to The Daily, a podcast published by the New York Times one day when I heard an advertisement for this company called Patreon. It is a company that supports artists of all … Continue reading Bittersweet Updates

My Dog Has a Spirit, Has a Name

SPOILER ALERT: This post is about the book, A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. If you would like to read this book and don’t want the ending spoiled, do not read any further. About a year ago, I noticed that iTunes had a list of movies that were audio described for the blind. I … Continue reading My Dog Has a Spirit, Has a Name

Thoughts about my Future Dog

Last Friday June 22 should have been an idyllic evening. Mom, Dad and I all had uneventful workdays and enjoyed a delicious dinner of shrimp marinated in teriyaki sauce. Them Mom took Dad to pick up his car that had some routine maintenance done, but when he got back, he offered to take me for … Continue reading Thoughts about my Future Dog

Senior Citizens of the Pet Variety

In the five-year hiatus I took from blogging, I have had so many spiritual, political and career insights that I was itching to write about, and there is still more I would like to write about. But I want to take a break from these posts to reflect on Gilbert who is still my guide … Continue reading Senior Citizens of the Pet Variety

Slamming in to Obstacles

This entry is for the sixth edition of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. For more information about this carnival and how you can participate, visit The theme of this carnival is “obstacles.” Many contributors will likely go the figurative route with this theme, but given that I use a guide dog who is trained … Continue reading Slamming in to Obstacles

Discipline Returns

(I intended on posting this yesterday, but LiveJournal wasnt working again. I didn’t want to change anything in this post though, so just keep in mind that it was intended for yesterday when you read it).      Well readers, remember back in January when I wrote an entry for an assistance dog blog carnival on … Continue reading Discipline Returns

There’s No Place Like Home!

Well readers, I promise that the next entry will reveal all the duties I perform in my amazing internship. But I thought that since I have at least ended the suspense about where I am doing my internship, that you guys wouldn’t mind a break in the series for the assistance dog blog carnival. I … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home!

Thinking of You Kelso

Well readers, I know I promised in my last entry that the next entry would be about my internship experience. But in light of an event that happened last week, I couldn’t get inspired to write about internships. So the entry after this one will be about my internship, but I need to use this … Continue reading Thinking of You Kelso

“I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It”

Well readers, it’s that time again! It is time for another Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, which you can participate in if you would like by going to      The theme this time is “reactions”. I know that writing about the public’s reaction when they see a service dog was discouraged, and understandably so since … Continue reading “I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It”

Old Dogs Thinking about Learning New Tricks

Here’s a question for you readers. What do you get when you combine an adorable dog, a college student who is already tired of school and needs an exciting project outside of school to make life interesting, two inspiring blog posts and late night inspiration? You get crazy ideas!      Alright, perhaps I should start … Continue reading Old Dogs Thinking about Learning New Tricks