Announcing my Second Book

Well readers, it has been an eventful two months since my last post. The day after this post, my parents and I went to Indiana to celebrate my maternal grandma’s 90th birthday. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be the birthday everyone hoped for. My sister, knowing how much Granny loves Elvis, hired an Elvis impersonator to comeContinue reading “Announcing my Second Book”

Bittersweet Updates

Before I get to the main purpose of this post, I wanted to start with a little public service announcement. I was listening to The Daily, a podcast published by the New York Times one day when I heard an advertisement for this company called Patreon. It is a company that supports artists of allContinue reading “Bittersweet Updates”

The Song in My Heart: Reflecting back on my Memoir Writing Class

Well readers, as I briefly mentioned two weeks ago, I took a Memoir Writing class online this past Fall through the Creative Nonfiction Foundation. I heard about this organization back in 2016 from the Classifieds section of Poets and Writers Magazine. I don’t actually subscribe to this magazine, but it is available for free toContinue reading “The Song in My Heart: Reflecting back on my Memoir Writing Class”

Exciting News on the Writing Front

Well readers, remember how last week in my blog post about getting back to daily obedience with Gilbert, I mentioned that I hadn’t spent enough quality time with him between my internship and pursuing my dream of being a writer? Well for this entry, I thought I would share with you some exciting writing opportunitiesContinue reading “Exciting News on the Writing Front”

My LJ Idol Concession Speech

Good evening my fellow Americans.–Oh wait, wrong speech.–Good evening my fellow LJ Idol community members. Last weekend, and the early part of last week, this great community exercised a fundamental privilege in our democracy: the chance to have your voices heard by going to the polls and casting your ballots to determine who should moveContinue reading “My LJ Idol Concession Speech”