Food Memories

“I’ll never forget our very first Thanksgiving turkey after we were married,” Mom said through tears of hysterical laughter. “The turkey was beautiful and ready to come out of the oven, but somehow when we lifted it up, it fell off the pan and bounced. There was a loud THUNK as it bounced off theContinue reading “Food Memories”

Dig Me Up a Piece of that Kit Cat Scat

It was a very cold, rainy, dreary Saturday morning, the kind of day when I’m glad I only have to go outside the couple minutes it takes for me to do my business in the grass. When Mom brings me back in and I shake the water off myself and wag my tail, I alreadyContinue reading “Dig Me Up a Piece of that Kit Cat Scat”

Trick or Treat

Last week, Mom and I were shopping at Target when we saw Halloween candy on display and decided it was time to stock the big wooden salad bowl, just in case we get trick-or-treaters. But last year, we only had a couple trick-or-treaters and the year before, the pumpkin lit with a candle was outsideContinue reading “Trick or Treat”

When You Pray, Move Your Feet

This proverb reminded me of a joke I heard a long time ago. I don’t remember it word for word, but the premise was something like this:      A woman is caught in a devastating flood. Eventually, the water is so high that she must escape to the roof of her house. While sitting onContinue reading “When You Pray, Move Your Feet”

Students Suspect Preferential Treatment of Blind Student

Shepherdsville, WI. School administrators at Clifford University are investigating student complaints regarding perceived preferential treatment of a blind student by professors. The student, Allison Nastoff, is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a politics minor.      Typically people at the center of serious investigations like this decline our interview requests, but NastoffContinue reading “Students Suspect Preferential Treatment of Blind Student”

My LJ Idol Concession Speech

Good evening my fellow Americans.–Oh wait, wrong speech.–Good evening my fellow LJ Idol community members. Last weekend, and the early part of last week, this great community exercised a fundamental privilege in our democracy: the chance to have your voices heard by going to the polls and casting your ballots to determine who should moveContinue reading “My LJ Idol Concession Speech”

Marching Orders of the Classroom

School has been weighing heavily on my mind this week, as it does at the end of every long wonderful vacation when I realize that it won’t be long before every aspect of my life, even weekends, will be ruled by textbook chapters to read and projects to complete. But I have lamented on theseContinue reading “Marching Orders of the Classroom”

I Want to Be Rich by Different Standards

“Walkin in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song!” I happily sang as I ambled through the noisy halls to my next class.      “Come on Allison! You need to pick up the pace! The bell rings in one minute!” one of my teachers hollered after me.      Scenes like this were numerous throughout myContinue reading “I Want to Be Rich by Different Standards”