I am…

Alright readers, here is my entry introducing myself for the first Lj Idol topic. Enjoy!

I am…

Aware of a world brimming with beauty and wonder.

Longing to spread my wings and explore this world.

Laughing with child-like joy at every opportunity.

Inspirational to many, but also inspired by others.

Sightless in the literal sense, yet seeing on a deeper level.

Optimistic that tough times always get better.

Nostalgic for childhood when life was simpler.

Never going through a day without chocolate.

An angel to my mother.

Singing: in the choir, in the shower, on the street, every chance I get.

Tired of the injustice in a world where money is all that matters.

Open-minded to new challenges.

First to admit I’m not always the virtuous person I want to be.

Fortunate to live such a blessed life, surrounded by family and friends who love me anyway.

I am Allison Nastoff.

Published by Allison Nastoff

As I write this in 2020, I am 30 years old. I am blind, and Gilbert was my first guide dog. He passed away on December 2, 2020, but I decided to keep the title for my blog as a tribute to him because he will always hold a special place in my heart. In 2012, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a journalism emphasis, and went back to school for a Paralegal certificate in 2014. I worked for five years at a Social Security disability firm. When the pandemic hit, I did some reflecting and decided to resign from this job and take seminary courses. My dream is a career as a teacher or writer where I can be a blessing to others.

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