Bored College Student Turned Idol Contestant!

Well readers, my life as a college student and aspiring writer has been rather mundane lately, and I have recently been dreaming of the chance to win a little fame and meet new people. Then I heard that these dreams and more can be realized by competing to become the next idol–Lj Idol that is! I have thought about participating in American Idol too because I love to sing, but knowing me, I would probably get so nervous when singing in front of Simon that my voice would squeak or something. And if that squeak resulted in Simon saying something like “That was absolutely dreadful!” or “pack your suitcase!”, I cannot promise you I wouldn’t cry on national television.

But the good news is I love writing. I have taken several creative writing classes, and am majoring in Journalism. And unless the excellent grades, and praise from parents and teachers was simply because they didn’t have the heart to criticize a blind person with such an adorable guide dog, or didn’t want to hurt my self-esteem, I guess I am a pretty decent writer. But if my writing turns out to be just as painful to read as the American Idol singers are to listen to when they scream, the worst thing that can happen is being voted off, and since I subscribe to the philosophy that “it is not the destination but the journey that counts,” I fully intend to simply enjoy the journey of writing what is in my heart, getting feedback and meeting new people, even if I don’t become the next Lj Idol. And hey, if there are any Simon impersonators in this community, feel free to speak your mind on my writing because the advantage of online competition is that if someone makes me cry, no one will see me, and it most likely won’t be broadcast over national television! (smile) And as long as you are reading my Lj Idol entries, I should mention you are more than welcome to read my public entries about my crazy life as a guide dog handler and college student. I don’t get to post as often as I would like because college keeps me busy (my hope is that this competition will help me become more of a disciplined writer). But make no mistake. Writing is my passion, and the year and a half I have used Livejournal has been the most fun writing phase of my life as it has given me an outlet to freely express myself and develop my writing in the process. I hope this competition will develop my writing skills even more. On that note, I look forward to competing with all of you. Welcome to my journal, and happy reading!

Published by Allison Nastoff

As I write this in 2020, I am 30 years old. I am blind, and Gilbert was my first guide dog. He passed away on December 2, 2020, but I decided to keep the title for my blog as a tribute to him because he will always hold a special place in my heart. In 2012, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a journalism emphasis, and went back to school for a Paralegal certificate in 2014. I worked for five years at a Social Security disability firm. When the pandemic hit, I did some reflecting and decided to resign from this job and take seminary courses. My dream is a career as a teacher or writer where I can be a blessing to others.

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