Slamming in to Obstacles

This entry is for the sixth edition of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. For more information about this carnival and how you can participate, visit The theme of this carnival is “obstacles.” Many contributors will likely go the figurative route with this theme, but given that I use a guide dog who is trainedContinue reading “Slamming in to Obstacles”

There’s No Place Like Home!

Well readers, I promise that the next entry will reveal all the duties I perform in my amazing internship. But I thought that since I have at least ended the suspense about where I am doing my internship, that you guys wouldn’t mind a break in the series for the assistance dog blog carnival. IContinue reading “There’s No Place Like Home!”

“I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It”

Well readers, it’s that time again! It is time for another Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, which you can participate in if you would like by going to      The theme this time is “reactions”. I know that writing about the public’s reaction when they see a service dog was discouraged, and understandably so sinceContinue reading ““I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It””

What Part of “No Table Scraps” Cannot You Understand?

Years before I was old enough to work with a guide dog, even when my vision teacher, parents and I were not sure whether I would be a worthy candidate for a guide dog due to my slow gait and medical circumstances that would have made it very difficult to go far away from homeContinue reading “What Part of “No Table Scraps” Cannot You Understand?”