Living on Easy Street

Near my college campus, there is a tiny road called Easy Street, which my dad pointed out with a laugh as he drove me a couple years ago. As a journalism major, my first thought at the time was “that would make an awesome human interest story, interviewing residents about whether the living is as … Continue reading Living on Easy Street

Students Suspect Preferential Treatment of Blind Student

Shepherdsville, WI. School administrators at Clifford University are investigating student complaints regarding perceived preferential treatment of a blind student by professors. The student, Allison Nastoff, is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a politics minor.      Typically people at the center of serious investigations like this decline our interview requests, but Nastoff … Continue reading Students Suspect Preferential Treatment of Blind Student

Happy Labor Day Working Dogs!

Hello readers, it’s Gilbert here. Mom just realized that while she has talked a lot about me in her entries this summer, she forgot to give me the chance to speak for myself. “What better day is there than Labor Day to let the working dog speak for himself!” she told me. I agree! But … Continue reading Happy Labor Day Working Dogs!

A Rant on JAWS–or Should I Say, the Lack Thereof

Well friends, since many of you are also blind like me, you are aware of the special accommodations we need, especially in school and the feeling of isolation that these accommodations sometimes require. For example, in elementary and middle school, I had to have a bigger desk to accommodate my braille writer and the fact … Continue reading A Rant on JAWS–or Should I Say, the Lack Thereof

Discipline Returns

(I intended on posting this yesterday, but LiveJournal wasnt working again. I didn’t want to change anything in this post though, so just keep in mind that it was intended for yesterday when you read it).      Well readers, remember back in January when I wrote an entry for an assistance dog blog carnival on … Continue reading Discipline Returns

Internship Duties and New Perspectives

  “So what have you been doing this summer?” I get this question every year from friends and relatives, and usually, my response is a lazy “Nothing really. I’ve pretty much just been reading and relaxing.” This summer as you readers know has been different, as I had finally accrued enough wisdom to be eligible … Continue reading Internship Duties and New Perspectives

Internship Application Saga (part 2)

(Well readers, finishing up part 2 ended up taking longer than I anticipated, but at last, here it is. Read part 1, the entry below this one for the beginning of the story).      So sort of fell through, but I didn’t panic too much yet because I hadn’t heard back from Reader’s Digest. … Continue reading Internship Application Saga (part 2)

Internship Application Saga (part 1)

Well readers, between family commitments and the typical summer heat and humidity that always makes me feel sluggish and uninspired, I haven’t been able to write the internship update I promised over a month ago. I have been picking at it, writing a couple sentences a day, but the inspiring story of our country’s founders … Continue reading Internship Application Saga (part 1)

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Well readers, I haven’t written as much as I would like in this journal, and when I have written, the entries have often been tailored to Lj Idol topics and blog carnivals. So I think an entry that is simply an update on my life is long overdue. I have so much to update you … Continue reading The Best of Times and the Worst of Times