Failed to Find Sunshine Square (Part 1)

Well readers, I didn’t want to reveal exactly when I was going to New York with my family, just as a precaution in case someone was merely reading my blog to figure out when they could come to our house and rob us. But the day after I published my previous post began the threeContinue reading “Failed to Find Sunshine Square (Part 1)”

I Don’t Want to Play the Game

On Monday January 28, our community woke up to a snowstorm. It seemed every school and business decided to close except the office where I work. I felt bad that my mom had to get outside early and shovel the snow off of our driveway because the neighbor we contract with to plow our drivewayContinue reading “I Don’t Want to Play the Game”

A Vacation Full of Worry

Every week, I attend a women’s bible study at our church with my mom, and the family friend who gave us the bird clock. Right now, we are studying the book of Matthew, and in the last bible study before Thanksgiving, we studied Chapter 6 which includes countless truths about life, but the speaker forContinue reading “A Vacation Full of Worry”