Internship Application Saga (part 2)

(Well readers, finishing up part 2 ended up taking longer than I anticipated, but at last, here it is. Read part 1, the entry below this one for the beginning of the story).      So sort of fell through, but I didn’t panic too much yet because I hadn’t heard back from Reader’s Digest.Continue reading “Internship Application Saga (part 2)”

Osama, Osama! Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!

Last Sunday evening, May 1, 2011, my parents and I ordered The King’s Speech from our cable company’s on demand movies list. The war on terror was the furthest thing from our minds when about an hour in to the movie, the phone rang. My mom paused the movie to answer it. It was myContinue reading “Osama, Osama! Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!”