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When I was practicing for job interviews, the question I hated most and thus needed the most practice with was “tell me a little bit about yourself.” With this question, you are supposed to sell yourself, showcase your qualification, how you would be perfect for the job, and essentially have life all figured out. But the truth is, I don’t have life figured out, and that is why I love to write.

I definitely live a rich, blessed life. I work three days a week at a Social Security Disability law firm filing appeals with clients when they are denied benefits. It isn’t what I imagined doing as a child when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, but right now I feel it is where God wants me to be, and my coworkers are also friends. In addition to my work, I also host a bible study for young adults at my house, attend another bible study with my mom and sing in a community choir. I am in my late twenties and still live with my parents, but I am not embarrased about this at all. My parents worried about me living on my own because I am totally blind and have other special medical needs, but ultimately, I made this decision because I want to live a life of balance where I can earn some income of my own, but also have time and energy left over for bible study, choir, writing, or just lying around the house smelling soup simmering in the crock-pot on a cold winters day. If I lived on my own, I would have to give up much of these blessings in the name of longer hours to earn enough money to pay rent, which I believe is no way to live if you are blessed like I am with circumstances that don’t necessitate this stress. My parents respect the fact that I am an adult (99 percent of the time) and give me space to do my own thing, and every night when my parents and I sit down to dinner, I think about how eating alone every evening would be kind of sad.

I love living out in the world, but I am most relaxed when in my bedroom writing. I wouldn’t trade my face-to-face interaction with family and friends for the world, but the truth is, face-to-face interaction can be like writing on the old-fashioned Perkins braillewriter I used as a child. If you make a mistake, you can try to scratch it out with your fingernail, or cross it out by typing full braille cells over the mistake, going down a line and re-typing it. But the mistake, the stupid thing I said before giving proper thought, never fully goes away. But when I write, I feel like I can be my true self, yet also have a chance to ponder what I am saying, erase, and re-word until it accurately reflects what I really want to convey. I could never find the inspiration to keep a private diary. I think it is because I am just like my grandmothers who lost the motivation to cook when their husbands passed away and their children grew up and moved away. Like a big meal, writing is meant to be shared.

I started blogging at Livejournal in 2009, and originally created the blog merely to reflect on my experience starting college and training with my first guide dog Gilbert, but loved it so much, I kept it going, and the rest is history. I switched to WordPress in 2011 because I wanted a platform that had more of a professional feel rather than a social media feel. I am still slowly transfering posts here from Livejournal: the process of automatically importing my posts from Livejournal was too complicated for me. So every now and then, followers may receive a post from 2009.

Today this blog is primarily a place where I muse about the joys and challenges of life. I have matured a lot since this blog began, and especially in the past two years, my faith has helped me figure a lot of things out about life, but by no means do I have everything in life figured out yet. Perhaps that takes an entire lifetime. But you are welcome to follow along with me as I blog about my life journey. I hope this blog will encourage and inspire, and if you have thoughts or insights you would like to share from your own unique life journey, feel free to post a comment!

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